A Robust Warm Welcome to the Friendly Sounds of Our Small Town Alumni Located  in Somerset County Pennsylvania!

Our Town

As Seen on TV!

WPSU TV "Our Town"...

MARC Radio is so proud that we had a small part in the production and promotion. 

Watch it here:



Suggest special guest interviews or request being interviewed as part of our program.


Some Suggested Topics we have received via email:

Favorite Teacher stories

Teacher's Pet stories

Special Date experience at a dance in the old gym.  What song was playing?

Most embarrasing moment for you in a classroom or school function.

What was your 15 seconds of fame during your school years!

Most michiveous deed you did and can admit to it now.


It's confirmed. Guest appearances by Cornac the Magnificent and his hermetically sealed envelope antics will be featured.


Now you can share your special Meyersdale Memories in Memoir form.  Click on the "My Meyersdale Memoir" menu tab.


Meyersdale Alumni Radio is a Brooke Supply Company production and is not heavily sponsored because of the unique nature of our program.  We include this link for the convience of those who choose to support the programming efforts.  You will receive a token gift of appreciation!







Welcome Alumni of Meyersdale, PA.

An alumnus according to the American Heritage Dictionary is "a graduate or former student of a school, college, or university.

My name is Brooke Folk,   

I'm a 1966 Alumni from one of the most wonderful small town America School Systems in the USA!

Where else but our little corner of Southwestern Pensylvania could we have gained the education while being filled with everlasting memories from our diverse surrounding community student mix and geography?

I look forward to being your host as we experience the growth of this special medium and the direction it will take in the coming months and years.  Since this is Your Program it means your input as to what you would like to talk about and hear about from fellow Alumni.  You will be the voice map of our special M.A.R.C. (MeyersdaleAlumniRadio.Com) programing.


Co-host Richard Lichty says... "Please let others know about our website.  From here they will be able to link to and listen to the archived radio programs as well as tune in live for each weeks program where everyone can participate both in voice and chat."


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Important Note!  You do not have to be an alumnus of Meyersdale to receive the newsletter.  Also, as the definition at the top proclaims, an alumnus is anyone who attended the school, regardless of number of years attended, regardless if you graduated from the school, regardless if you moved away to another school...all together we are alumni! (Alumnus'es's's's) as Floyd Flaugherty would say.

Additional Note!  Where the form asks for "Class", (Graduates and non Graduates) enter the year your class graduated. This is just to get an idea of your age group. 

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Program Participation Instructions:

To call into any live broadcast to just listen without voice participation, simply call from any phone during live programs on Thursday nights 7pm EST.

724-444-7444 then, when prompted, enter ID 76964#


To be able to call in and (voice) participate by phone, you have to first register (use link below), by going to Meyersdale Alumni Radio’s TalkShoe Website and select the small white “Sign In” Icon.  In that information area, you just type in your 10 digit phone number (or any 10 digit number with NO dashes) where it requests a phone PIN Number. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=76964&cmd=tc

 1)      2)      To listen to a  live show using a computer, go to http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=76964&cmd=tc

             On this link at TalkShoe, there will be a “Join The Live Broadcast” Icon to select. 


3)      Archived recordings of the “Live” broadcasts have been archived and can be listened to or downloaded here:


Downloading a broadcast to your computer:

When you get to the link above, scroll down to the Orange Printed “Past Episodes”…Select your episode by Right Clicking on the blue “Download” icon next to that episode…Select “Save Target As”  and save it to your desktop. When you open it from your desktop, a timeline will appear at the bottom. You can stop, start and move around in various parts of the broadcast as you wish. Enjoy the shows at your convenience!

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